About us

The time has come. Your child will start Kindergarten. This will be an important time of your child’s life, and your’s as well. Your child will probably leave the safe environment of your home for the first time. This process usually goes hand in hand with a lot of different emotions. It is usually not an easy step to take… For your child, but for you as well.

Every individual child is the main focus of our educational work. Children are born as competent human beings with individual features. They are curious and want to discover new things. This joy to discover new things has the highest priority for us, because it is the driving force for the development of a child in every situation of life. So our educational work and focus in finding topics and educational content is very child-oriented.

Every child has the right to be respected as an individual and to have his or her own learning rhythm.

“Playing” takes an important role in teaching different things. By playing with others or by themselves children gather new knowledge and information about themselves and about the environment and their surroundings.

The educator is an important reference person in your child’s world during this phase. The most important thing for our educators is to build trust and a relationship with your child.

Every child is unique and different and has a unique personality. Together with the parents we want to help every child grow up to be a confident and independent human being.

Kindergarten Leon has two groups: a crib and a family group. A crib usually has 15 kids and a family group has up to 20 kids. There is lots of daylight in our groups and there is enough free space for the children to explore and play. Every inch of our groups is thoughtfully and lovingly designed.


“Help me to do it myself. Show me.

Don’t do it for me, I can and want to do it alone.

Be patient, understanding my ways.

They may be a bit narrow, maybe I need more time,

because I want to try a few times.

Let me make mistakes, because I can learn from them.”

Maria Montessori

An important goal for us is to encourage the children to have their own ideas and thoughts and to articulate and to realize them. Children want to be independent. They want to have their own ideas and introduce them to their everyday life at the Kindergarten. Children also want to participate in the world of the grown-ups.


We speak three different languages at Kindergarten Leon. Of course, German is the main language. But we also have native speakers who teach the kids English and Spanish as well. They do that in a creative and age-appropriate way.


Children are always on the move. They want to discover new things using all their senses. We want to help children to grow up in a healthy way and have as many moving experiences as possible. We will regularly visit nearby parks and have lots of outdoor activities.


By coming to the Kindergarten, children will learn that there are other people with different ideas and opinions. They will be part of a group. There will be no religious content at Kindergarten Leon, but we will celebrate some catholic events.

Our educators want to set an example and want to prepare the kids what a democratic society should look like. In a democratic society every opinion counts and every individual is equal. We will respect every opinion of every child and talk about them and discuss them with the entire group and make decisions collectively.